A New Regional Hub of
Culture and Commerce
Has Emerged

Downtown Columbia is the third city. It has it all – business and cultural leadership.

Innovative leaders like Medstar Health, Tenable, Pearson, Booz Allen Hamilton, BTS Software Solutions and Data Canopy already call Downtown Columbia home.





In percentage of
Employed PHDs
and Engineers


In computer &
Research Scientists
in the Nation


In Percentage of
Tech Workers


Incubators and
Research Parks


Projected Job
in 2020

Soulful Symphony Downtown Columbia

Howard Hughes and Merriweather District are building a cultural ecosystem: inclusion is celebrated; culture and commerce thrive; the bold vision embodies the future; the arts are democratized. Magic is happening here. This inspires even more creativity.

Darin Atwater

Our administration has worked hard to try to help build an unrivaled ecosystem in Maryland to serve and to grow our critical cyber security industry. Merriweather District presents the future of Maryland’s tech evolution. We’ll continue to lead here, at home and on a global scale.

LarRy Hogan, Governor of Maryland
Merriweather Post Pavilion Stage

Culture isn’t just about art or music, though you’ll find plenty in Downtown Columbia. It’s the very fiber of who we are. It’s alive in the streets, parks, murals, and the architecture of our buildings. It’s in the science and technology breakthroughs being forged by the companies here. And it’s in the collective soul of our people.

The venue at the heart of it all is Merriweather Post Pavilion located in Merriweather District. Recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top amphitheaters in the country, MPP has been dazzling concert-goers for generations. And now, thanks to an impressive $55 million dollar renovation, future generations can continue to have a world-class experience.

Downtown Columbia celebrates arts and culture. It is about a future where people come together and break down barriers. Here we will celebrate all religions, races and abilities and aspire to be the best.

Calvin Ball, Howard County Executive

A Bright Future

From the foundation of a pioneering planned community, The Howard Hughes Corporation is building for the future. What you’ll experience here today and in the future includes:

• People seeking a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance to be first
• Spaces where start-ups and established corporations share common ground
• Streets that are walkable, commutes that are made on foot or bike, and a place where visitors’ cars park in LEED certified garages with green roofs
• Green spaces that are respected and enjoyed; pathways and wooded parks for connection and respite
• Writers, musicians, visual and performance artists connecting with businesses and educators
• A community where culture, commerce and diversity and inclusion are celebrated